Business Demographics for 1095 S Fortuna Blvd Unit G, Fortuna CA 95540

Number of businesses operating in the area surrounding this property covered by the zip code 95540 categorized by industry (NAICS Code). This information is derived from census bureau and CIMLS data. Click here to return to the listing page.

Note: Some of the related NAICS business types have been combined in the above chart as outlined in the following table;

IndustryNAICS Code(s)
Mining, Quarrying, Oil and Gas Extraction21
Manufacturing and Wholesale31-33 and 42
Transportation and Warehousing48-49
Information, Finance, and Insurance51 and 52
Real Estate and Rental and Leasing53
General Services54 and 81
Adminstrative, Support, Waste Management56
Health Care and Social Assistance62
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation71
Accomodation and Food Services72