Example of Zip Code Demographics for 215 Washington Street, Farmington MO 63640

Demographics information for the area surrounding this property covered by the zip code 63640 of the property derived from census bureau and CIMLS data. Click here to return to the listing page.

Income StatisticsValue in USD
Median Income$7,777
Mean Income$15,554
Per Capita Income$23,331

Total Households: 34,567

Unit StatsNumber of Units
Housing Units7777
Owner Occupied23331
Renter Occupied31108
Units in Structure38885
Vacant Rental Units46662

Total Population: 34,567

Value and Cost StatsValue in USD
Median Rent$7,777
Median Owner Occ. Value$15,554
Median Monthly Owner Cost$23,331

Demographics Data

The background page is an example of CIMLS demographics data for a property.

This property is located in Farmington. The area around the property has 28,501 residents where 55.2% are male and 44.8% are female. Approximately 9.8% of residents have attained four-year degrees beyond high school education. 51.2% of residents in the area around the property are employed and earn an income with median of $47,557 and mean of $61,783.