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Maine is not a densely populated state at 41.3 people per square mile; however, there are still commercial real estate listings to be found. The most densely populated region is Portland, where 20% of people in the state reside.

Maine’s economy is based to some extent on agriculture. The state’s production of blueberries is important, as it makes up 25% of the North America’s blueberries. Apples, maple syrup, dairy, eggs and poultry account for a good portion of the rural commercial land in Maine. Commercial fishing is also important to the state’s economy.

One of the key industrial outputs of the state is toothpicks. Office space and industrial space for the largest toothpick plant in the country is located in Strong, Maine. Paper, lumber, wood, textiles and leather also hold an important place in Maine manufacturing.

There are not many corporations with office space headquarters in Maine. Some of the notable ones are Fairchild Semiconductor in Portland, L.L. Bean in Freeport and Cole Hann in Yarmouth. Most of the commercial real estate listings are in Androscoggin County, which fad 107,702 residents as of the 2010 census.

It is important to note that due to uninhabited land, there is neither commercial real estate listings nor office space in large parts of the state’s interior.

Retail - 1399 Maine St, Poland, ME
1,660-2,760 SqFt
Poland Retail Space for Lease - 2 spaces available from 1,660 SF to 2,760 SF
Land - 591 Washington St. N, Auburn, ME
2,500 SqFt

Auburn Pad Site for Lease - 4 spaces available from 2,500 SF to 2,500 SF
Land - 000 Main St. / Rte. 26, Oxford, ME
5,000 SqFt
Oxford Pad Sites for Lease - 1 space available from 5,000 SF to 5,000 SF
Office - 78 Pleasant Ave, So. Portland, ME
500-1,800 SqFt

So. Portland Office Space for Lease - 1 space available from 500 SF to 1,800 SF

Retail - 634 Main St, Oxford, ME
1,200-1,500 SqFt
Oxford Retail Space for Lease - 1 space available from 1,200 SF to 1,500 SF
Office - 1528 Hammond Street, Bangor, ME
3,500-7,700 SqFt

Commercial Office or Retail - Flexible Floor Plan - 22k cars/day! $8.50/SF Modified Gross
Office - 1397 Main St, Sanford, ME
120 SqFt

Office space for lease. Please email or call for more info.

Land - 279 Main Street, South Portland, ME
43,560 SqFt

South Portland Land for Lease - 1 space available from 43,560 SF to 43,560 SF
Retail - 86 Topsham Fair Mall Road, Topsham, ME
2,833-5,833 SqFt
Topsham Retail Space for Lease - 1 space available from 2,833 SF to 5,833 SF
Health Care - 94 Park Drive, Topsham, ME
3,000-18,150 SqFt
Topsham Office Space for Lease - 1 space available from 3,000 SF to 18,150 SF
Land - 121 Pleasant Street, Mechanic Falls, ME
87,120 SqFt
Mechanic Falls Land for Lease - 1 space available from 87,120 SF to 87,120 SF
Office - 970 Baxter Boulevard, Portland, ME
1,054 SqFt

Portland Office Space for Lease - 1 space available from 1,054 SF to 1,054 SF

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