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Maryland has been called “America In Miniature” due to the fact that it has varied topography across the state. This fact also results in different types of Maryland commercial real estate listings. Overall, the state is considered to be a wealthy one, as overall Maryland households are the wealthiest in the entire United States. This factor allows for a variety of types of investment properties.

Those interested in Maryland commercial real estate listings should know that Baltimore is the state's most populated region. A high percentage of commercial realty is located in the cities and suburbs surrounding Washington D.C.

A great deal of the state's industrial space is dedicated for transportation and imports including iron, sugar and petroleum. In addition to the Port of Baltimore, the 8th largest port in the country, the state also has rail and truck access. Office space and commercial property in Maryland is also dedicated for the defense/aerospace industry and bio-research labs.

The state also produces a lot of food including fish, cucumbers, watermelon, corn, squash, peas and tomatoes. Industrial space for food processing is quite common throughout the state.

Industrial - 14650 Rothgeb Drive Unit J, K, L, M, Rockville, MD
5,782 Sq. Ft.

Industrial Building for Sale in Rockville - 5,782 SF
Office - 818 W Diamond Ave, Gaithersburg, MD
9,053 Sq. Ft.

Office Building for Sale in Gaithersburg - 9,053 SF
Industrial - 7895 Cessna Ave Unit P , Gaithersburg, MD
2,247 Sq. Ft.

Industrial Building for Sale in Gaithersburg - 2,247 SF
Health Care - 20629 Boland Farm Rd, Germantown, MD
11,300 Sq. Ft. on 0.56 acres

Office Building for Sale in Germantown - 11,300 SF
Land - 19420 Peach Tree Road, Dickerson, MD
8.15 acres

Land for Sale in Dickerson - 8.15 acres
Office - (No Address), Gaithersburg, MD
Office, Wharehouse, flex, space

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