New On Cimls: Import Listings In Bulk With The Cimls Csv Upload Tool

Posted By CIMLS Staff on Dec. 12 2016 at 5:00 PM EST
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Have a large amount of listings, but don't have time to add each listing individually? Good news then: we've recently added a new free tool for CIMLS members to use to import listings in bulk directly from a spreadsheet. This is the CIMLS CSV Uploader Tool.

With the new CSV Uploader tool, a CIMLS member can upload a specially formatted spreadsheet and have all listings automatically added to their account. A member can use any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, to format their listings' information Then, in the "Save As" menu of the program, save as a CSV file. Once that is completed, one can directly upload this file to CIMLS and have all their listings processed and added. One can even edit already-uploaded listings by passing a CIMLS listing ID with the listing's information.

If you'd like more information, click the "CSV Uploader Tool" link in your "My Account" page's sidebar, or visit this link directly: . A template spreadsheet file is provided on that page, as well as detailed instructions on how to fill in each listing.

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