Your Organization on CIMLS

CIMLS organization feature streamlines managing your brokers, agents, property listings as well as intensify your exposure in the commercial real estate market.

Coordination and Efficiency

Your organization admin is able to add and manage brokers/agents/property listings from one centralized administrator account.

Analysis Tools

Access to organization-level listing and contact data with the ability to drill down to individual property and broker exposure data.

Follow Up

Review list of all users who have viewed your listing. You have access to viewer's contact in case you want to follow up with update and additional information.

Optimized for Search Engines

Your organization, brokers and listings information are formatted so that they are visible to major search engines such as Google and Bing.

List Once & Share Everywhere

Once your property listing are entered into, you may reuse them for all your marketing needs, using such features as:

  • Searchable Listings on your Website - Add a fully searchable list of all your properties under your brand on your website - Just link to it, no programming required.
  • Shareable Format for other sites - You may export your listing in multiple methods compatible with common exchange formats so that you never have to enter the same listing twice.
  • Listing Brochures - Create a formatted listing brochure for email or printing.
  • HTML Formatted Listing - Create HTML Formatted Property listing for use on your site or partner website or syndication.

Add Your Organization

Our organization feature increases your brokers' efficiency and increases your listings' impact through synergy. Whether you have 2 brokers in your office or a 100, you will benefit from the CIMLS organization feature.

Join an Organization

If you company has already created an organization on CIMLS, you can request to join and take advantage of CIMLS organization benefits.