Highway 9, Milton, GA

Land for Sale - $900,000 - 1.5 acres

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Ed Fabbri

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  Highway 9
  Milton GA 30004
UpdatedJune 13th, 2023
Land1.5 acres

Property Description

The 1.5 acre parcel location has excellent synergy with the neighboring Publix's shopping center, restaurants, offices, and retail businesses. This location is the focal point for high quality, mixed use development for Milton's high income growing residential population. In addition to the Highway 9 traffic, the east-west crossroad traffic from Bethany Bend Road contributes to this commercial area's synergy. Bethany Bend will become even a more heavily traveled east/west highway upon the completion of the new Georgia 400 interchange ramps now being constructed at the McGinnis Ferry Road overpass bridge east of our site. Also, the State's proposed Highway 9 widening/intersection realignment at Bethany Bend Road (including new traffic signal) will be approximately 400 feet from our site. I have attached an aerial photo showing the site and the proposed Bethany Bend Road intersection realignment and neighboring businesses. There is an extensive big box retail zone (Kohls, Target, Walmart, etc.) approximately one mile south of our site. (Google maps link https://goo.gl/maps/96a4BbKCCxArCvPi9 )

The Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) along Highway 9 is approximately 25,000 Vehicles Per Day (VPD) between Windward Parkway and Bethany Bend Road. Our area will see a substantial increase the AADT upon completion of the nearby new Georgia 400 interchange ramps.

Available utilities adjacent to the site include water, electric, cable, telephone, gas, and sanitary sewer. I have attached a boundary survey.

The parcel is located in Milton's very flexible T-5 transect zone regulated by Milton's Deerfield Form-Based Code. Zone T-5 allows gas stations, retail stores, restaurants, business offices, attorney and medical offices, insurance agencies, etc. I have attached the City's Code page that gives the specific land use table. Uses indicated with a 'R' means allowed by "Right" and shall be permitted and processed administratively by the Community Development Director, without public hearing. Projects will require a review by the City Design Review Board. Uses indicted with a 'W' means the use may be allowed by a "Warrant" and can be approved or denied at the discretion of the Community Development Director. The T- 5 zoning allows 9 units per acre x (2,250 per unit) x 1.5 acres for a total of 30,375 square feet. This location allows up to 2 stories for buildings.


Pike Nursery which abuts our property to the north purchased their undeveloped parcel for their new store for $2.2 million in 2017. We feel the value of the property will continue to increase as the area continues to grow. Our sale price is $900k.

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