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Resort for Sale - $1,500,000 - 18 acres

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Jim Simko

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  Central, Alaska
  Central AK 99730
UpdatedJuly 15th, 2019
Land18 acres


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Arctic Circle Hot Springs is located in the heart of some of Alaska's best gold county, access is by the Steese Hwy. 134 mile N. from Fairbanks, or from 4,400ft airfield (next to the property) $1,800,000. This property is in need of much TLC however it is definitely one of a kind, and the potential to the right owner is virtually unlimited. Yes there are other hot springs in Alaska, but this hot springs is a standout, with its gin clear water hot springs, airfield access, and tremendous location, making it one of a kind. The potential of this property is hard to over state, as a recently operated lodge, and or combination extremely private corporate/personal retreat, with modification this property could have it all. Especially considering the potential of a new pipeline, high gold prices, and the resulting increased business activity.

The Lodge itself is still savable and has always been heated for free with its (gravity flow) heating system (since 1935). After the owner closed due to advancing age in 2002 time started taking its toll and many of its out buildings may have to come down. But as mentioned the Lodge itself is still in fairly good shape and very livable with some minor changes and still has a strong concrete foundation. Rebuilding to its former glory to today's standards could be done however modifications concerning the restrooms number and locations would have to be considered as well as rebuilding the pool area."

Originally designed as a resort, with an approx capacity of 150 guests. At 18+ acres, 10 cabins, and the large main lodge there was ample room for either, or both. The all-natural gin clear odor free water (no sulfur smell) is what's called a "filtration springs" and flows at a constant temperature of 134 D Fahrenheit and a rate of 400gal per minute year round.

Local native lore has called the lake it flows into Medicine lake for over 100+ years because of its superior rejuvenation qualities. This water also has a special reputation for producing huge amounts of the best tasting produce and most beautiful flowers, since it was founded in 1935.

Lastly it was used for very comfortable heating of the main lodge, 8 of the 13 cabins,( including warm commodes) and most importantly the outdoor swimming pool and bath house, even at 50 below zero, totally eliminating heating costs.

Its important to note water is of such natural high quality there is no rust, corrosion or slag buildup anywhere especially in the approx 10,000ft of pipe (heating radiator) in the basement that runs clear and warm.

Please know this is how it used to be but would take a tremendous amount of renovation to return to it's old glory. In it's current condition the lodge & springs can only be sold in "as is" condition. It will take a dedicated individual or group with a mind more towards history and comfort than the bottom line.

Currently the springs is on reliable power from the utility in Central Alaska, but also had it's own power generation system.

Lastly please know that I'm not a realtor I'm just advertising for the owner who is not computer literate. For more information and pictures please call or e-mail Jim