11650 W Highway 33, Guthrie, OK

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Shelly Johnson
Coldwell Banker Mike Jones Company

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  11650 W Highway 33
  Guthrie OK 73044
UpdatedFebruary 26th, 2024

Property Description

This facility is immaculate!! 6,000-sf building on a one acre fenced lot located west of Guthrie in Logan County. The property comes with an active grow license and all associated grow and lab equipment. Day-to-day operations can be run by two people. The building consists of four growing rooms, one currently being used as a nursery. All growing operations are accomplished in each room by changing the programming of the lights. It is not required to move plants from a veg room to flower a flower room thus saving time and operating costs. Each room has produced up to 50-60 lbs. of dried product, roughly 30-35 of flower and 20-25 lbs. of trim. The HVAC systems consists of a 5-ton unit for the common areas with 2, 12 ton mini-spit units each controlling the environment for two grow rooms and two more mini splits controlling the environment in the office and other production areas. The facility has a storage vault that doubles as a safe room, a drying room, trim, and packaging room and a full lab for micropropagation and potency testing. Air showers on entry keep the area clean. Rolling grow tables allow for easy access to plants. The facility has a monitored security and fire system with 32-camera surveillance inside and outside. Every interior door has a cypher lock. A garage provides easy access storage. All growing operations, water, lights, CO2, etc. are fully automated using a Growtronics System. Overhead run rates are extremely low due to the fact that all lights in the facility are LED and a state of the art water filtration system allows precise control of nutrients along with a drip system and recycling protocol. **See supplement for all that is included**