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100 River Street, Warrensburg, NY

Retail for Sale - $775,000 - 10,512 Sq. Ft. on 107 acres

Property Info

  100 River Street
  Warrensburg NY 12885
UpdatedSeptember 18th, 2012
Building10,512 Sq. Ft.
Land107 acres

Property Description

The 19th century was a bustling time for the village of Warrensburg, N.Y. The meeting of the mighty Hudson and Schroon Rivers made for a natural manufacturing center because of the copious water flow to turn the many wheels of industry. The Schroon River was lined with many water powered manufacturing plants responsible for thousands of workers in the area which was considered a major manufacturing center. Saw mills, lumber mills, paper mills, woolen mills; and the largest leather tannery in the world boasted Warrensburg as their home.

Wedged in between these behemoths, was an original grist mill built in 1824. It served the earliest farms and was probably one of the earliest forms of manufacturing in civilization, turning raw farm grains into usable flours. That grist mill today, survives alone, on the open banks of the Schroon River, as one of the finest restaurants in the region; The Grist Mill On The Schroon, LTD. The Grist Mill is known far and wide for the finest in table-cloth dining, impeccable service, and the finest 1st quality foods and wine. Many publications have heralded the Grist Mill over the years and the Grist Mill is now available for purchase by a buyer who will have the privilege to assume this restaurant of the highest reputation.

The Grist Mill sits with over 400 feet of riverfront on the Schroon River. Included in the property is: the fully modernized Grist Mill restaurant seating over 150, including museum quality artifacts and explanations of grist milling as well as old belts, wheels, conveyors, huge gears and tools of the trade; a three story historic woolen mills warehouse, once an antique store, now open for storage; and a two story commercial building with an upstairs apartment. Included is abundant paved parking on both sides of the restaurant for well over 50 cars. Street parking is also available.

House with downstairs apartment with bath, living area, kitchen, one bedroom, porch and upstairs two bedroom, bath, kitchen, living area also included.

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