Property Listing No Longer Available for Sale

No Address, Bradenton, FL

Others for Sale - $269,000

Property Info

  Bradenton FL 34202
UpdatedNovember 2nd, 2012

Property Description

This is a Short Sale, meaning the property is offered for sale for less than the balance owed on the property's loan. Short Sales are a great way to purchase a home at an attractive price. The list price is provided but you may present a fair offer.<br /><br />View Full Listing: <a href=',73-0F2BE7D5FDE3/realestate.fb.oodle.com___A5i_fKXBXkdEOfyZ-dzQX9XrTkXJTwEPVvaS-dT2tgTohR3ckF4Ya56ssgTZUy2WOsNDWsNrPM9_DtfO3GQTb3wQXgHW5KsK4AVoVz2T0bMATfT6vQs_OLN0khr5KPBjk_qCQLFRKQw0kw_dVqZDUvMLwIDd4ulD9uRvPCZq4w59Ezjuwlp5Gm9O9nQ47PxXBflG7IckTW0,' rel='nofollow'>here</a>

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