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555 8th St. Unit L, Holly Hill, FL

Others for Sale - $60,000

Property Info

  555 8th St. Unit L
  Holly Hill FL 32117
UpdatedSeptember 2nd, 2012

Property Description

This property at 555 8th street unit L was being used as a thrift type store(no clothes, just random items) named "How's This and That" by my father who is now deceased. He went to auctions for all of his items and has amassed a huge inventory of approximately 20,000+ items including glasses, hats, toys, knives, ornaments, audio books, antiques, items that are so old I'm not even sure what they are, tons of bookshelves, some glass display cases, and so much stuff that I could never list it all. He loved going to the auction but I do not so I would not be able to keep up the inventory to keep the business running and have deceided to sell it.<br /><br />The property is a warehouse and has a bathroom with a toilet and sink. There is a garage entrance around the back for easy access to unload.<br /><br /><br />View Full Listing: <a href=',83-0F2BE7D5FDE3/realestate.facebook.oodle.com___B-uJO_Wr8xREOfyZ-dzQXymY_wvBqA3_2JthMhtXAMIy4Yf-nmBgwmTpYZpBVvl2vp-VTYwVb9qRwK92Px8821n7ftitZ-PuIkHaZQ96c4a3mWUkgUbYmh16odry9g3iroab2di9IkV_lb2QZWNBQPUKU3j6I9jmSpTdFFaU_mA,' rel='nofollow'>here</a>

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