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  Sacramento CA
UpdatedMarch 20th, 2016
PriceUpon Request

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Description: An oldie but a goodie! This family style home located in the Tahoe Keys offers views of the channel and surrounding mountains. The house has a smaller upstairs living space, an open floor plan and a private boat dock! This modest home is economically priced to meet even the strictest of budgets! WIFI connection available but service not guaranteed Pricing does not reflect taxes and cleaning fee. Call now today at<br />

show contact info<br />

VHR#2112 Minimum. of two nights<br />

Rate does not include taxes/cleaning<br />

Property Amenities: Internet Srvc<br />

Washer-dryer<br />

Comm. Hot Bathtub<br />

BBQ<br />

Lake/Mtn Views<br />

Shared swimming pool<br />

Garage<br />

Dishwasher<br />

Keys Amenities<br />

Waterfront<br />

Boat Dock<br />

Accommodations: 3 Beds<br />

Sleeps 8<br />

two Bathrooms<br />

1 King Bed<br />

1 Queen Bed<br />

2 Twin Beds<br />

1 Queen (Sleeper)<br />

<br />

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