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243 S Sierra Avenue $104900

Oakdale, CA

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  243 S Sierra Avenue $104900
  Oakdale CA
UpdatedApril 17th, 2016

Property Description

****** Coming to market on MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE & LoopNet next week! ****** Make 6+% Return on Investment while your COMMERCIAL LAND sits and appreciates at a centrally located downtown Oakdale. It sits inside the designated area for Oakdale's Annual Chocolate Festival and each year Oakdale's Chamber of Commerce uses my lot during the event which gets me free exposure/advertisement. Here are the information:<br />

===============<br />

- Property Tax will be 1% of assessed value + ~$50 in annual city charges/bonds*<br />

- You'd be buying two 25'x100' lots totaling 5000 sq-ft - You'd be getting thirteen grandfathered self-storage units (totaling 1,800sf space)<br />

- Annual Insurance: I have a $750 policy but there are $500-600 policies as well*<br />

- Current Rents: $75-$69/20'x10' ... $60-$55/10'x10' ... $39/5'x10' - Occupancy rate: 92% as of March - Access to free public parking ~20 ft away right across the street<br />

- No monthly CAM charges! ... low maintenance, security lighted, etc...<br />

<br />

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