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California stands out as an economic juggernaut within the United States, and the state is a major source of commercial real estate listings. As the third largest state in terms of land area, behind only Alaska and Texas, California has a major footprint in almost every way imaginable.

California is a major economic powerhouse, and the state's gross product stands at a whopping $1.9 trillion dollars, which, of course, means that there are ample commercial property and investment property opportunities available.

Companies representing a wide range of industries hold commercial property in California. Manufacturing and agriculture are both very strong in California, as exemplified by Silicon Valley and the state’s export of crops across the country and around the world.

The state’s capital is Sacramento, and its largest cities include Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. The Los Angeles area is home to nearly 18 million people, making it one of the more densely populated areas in the United States. As a result, those interested in retail space, office space and commercial real estate listings will find many options in large and populous California.


Office - 22307 Main Street, Carson, CA
10,000 Sq. Ft.

Office Building for Sale in Carson - 10,000 SF
Industrial - 1464 N Hundley Street, Anaheim, CA
6,021 Sq. Ft.
Industrial Building for Sale in Anaheim - 6,021 SF
Industrial - 8511 & 8521 Whitaker Street, Buena Park, CA
8,000 Sq. Ft.
Industrial Building for Sale in Buena Park - 8,000 SF
Industrial - 8731 Prestige Court, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
16,000 Sq. Ft.
Industrial Building for Sale in Rancho Cucamonga - 16,000 SF

Office - 28312 Constellation Rd, Valencia, CA
5,404 Sq. Ft.

28312 Constellation Rd for Sale in Valencia - 5,404 SF
Shopping Center - 864 Nogales Ave, Walnut, CA
39,701 Sq. Ft. on 49299.44 acres

Walnut Hills Plaza for Sale in Walnut - 39,701 SF
Retail - 4224 Elton Street, Baldwin Park, CA
8,050 Sq. Ft. on 25233 acres

Just Listed for Sale in Baldwin Park - 8,050 SF

Industrial - 25334 Avenue Stanford, Valencia, CA
18,000 Sq. Ft.

Industrial Building for Sale in Valencia - 18,000 SF
Multi-family - 128 East 54th Street, Los Angeles, CA
4,186 Sq. Ft. on 0.12 acres

Multi-Family Building for Sale in Los Angeles
Others - 7556 Fay Ave., Suite E, La Jolla, CA
1,194 Sq. Ft.

Hair Salon Business For Sale for Sale in La Jolla - 1,194 SF
Land - 2254 S Laspina St, Tulare, CA
7.26 acres

Land for Sale in Tulare - 7.2600091827364555 acres
Retail - 5952 Westminster Blvd., Westminster, CA
23,200 Sq. Ft.

Retail Building for Sale in Westminster - 23,200 SF
Retail - Santa Monica Restaurant for Sale, Santa Monica, CA
4,569 Sq. Ft.

Retail Building for Sale in Santa Monica - 4,569 SF
Resort - 33820 Rancho California Road, Temecula, CA
188,609 Sq. Ft. on 315 acres
Resort Plan / Active Winery / Acreage for Sale in Temecula - 188,609 SF
Land - 6400 Betty Drive, Visalia, CA
12.05 acres
Land for Sale in Visalia - 12.050022956841138 acres
Industrial - 932 E. Douglas Ave, Visalia, CA
5,800 Sq. Ft. on 1.66 acres

Industrial Building for Sale in Visalia - 5,800 SF
Multi-family - 12412 Westminster Ave, Mar Vista, CA
7,456 Sq. Ft. on 0.32 acres

Multi-Family Building for Sale in Mar Vista
Land - 39 Acres at Stoddard Wells Rd & Johson Rd, Apple Valley, CA
39 acres

Land for Sale in Apple Valley - 39.0 acres
Land - 44660 Orchid Road, Hinkley, CA
631.25 acres

Aquifer & Agricultural 631 Acres for Sale in Hinkley - 631.25 acres
Multi-family - 1012-1014 W 3rd St, Santa Ana, CA
1,185 Sq. Ft. on 0.12 acres

Multi-Family Building for Sale in Santa Ana

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