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What is a comps report?

A comps report allows you to compare a listing to similar properties in the area of your listing. That way, you can save time and money knowing how this property compares to other similar properties in price, size, type, and other info.

Note that these properties may not be for sale. They are for comparison only and are not part of the CIMLS listing.

How much does a comps report cost?

Once you enter the relavant info for your subject property, we will search our database of comparable properties for matches in the area. If there are any matches, you will be prompted for a one-time payment of $10.

Where can I find my purchased comps reports?

Go to your member page by clicking the "My Account" link in the top bar, then click the link titled "My Comps Reports" on the left. You can also click here to go directly there.

Click here for an example comparable property.