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Louisiana For Sale Commercial Real Estate Listings

Louisiana population is currently estimated at over 4.5 million as of the 2010 Census, but the state is divided into 64 parishes. A “parish” is the word the state uses to label its counties. The largest parish is New Orleans, and that is where the majority of the Louisiana commercial real estate listings are located.

Many company headquarters are in New Orleans including office space and industrial space for Smoothie King, Gaylord Chemical, Standard Coffee and K&B. Other cities that have a substantial amount of investment property and commercial real estate listings include Baton Rouge, with a population of 229,493 and Shreveport with an estimated population of 199,311.

A good portion of the state’s economy is based on agriculture and includes seafood, cotton, soybeans, cattle, dairy and rice. Industrial space is dedicated to factories for chemical products, coal, petroleum and processed foods. While many petroleum and gas companies have their headquarters in Houston, they also have office space in Louisiana.

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